'Always, Always, Others: Non-Classical Forays into Modernism' exhibition review

Demonstrating a polyvocal modernism, the exhibition showcases works from the vast Mumok collection with unexpected ends. 


Museums Australasia Conference

Notes on ‘Facing the Future: Local, Global and Pacific Possibilities’  Museums Australasia Conference, Auckland New Zealand.


Public art in Brisbane

Numerous policies supporting public art in Brisbane has produced a central business district bursting with contemporary art in public places. While some are common sights, the best are nestled in spaces you’d be excused for missing.


Gwyn Hanssen Pigott exhibition essay

Australia's most celebrated potter. Her works built on the tradition of functional ceramics and bridged the assumed divide between craft and fine art.


Ellis Rowan exhibition essay

An emancipated woman ahead of her time, Ellis Rowan earned an international reputation as a flower painter, naturalist and adventurer in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


Achieving Environmental Sustainability in Preventive Conservation Practice: Learning from the National Portrait Gallery, Australia

This paper considers the NPG's measures to increase and maintain environmentally sustainable preventive conservation practices in line with accepted benchmarks and guidelines. 


Exhibition and conservation: practices for handling and display

Industry accepted practices to enable continued care and access to contemporary and heritage Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collections.


Museums Australia National Conference

Notes on ‘Connecting the Edge: within and beyond the Museum’: Museums Australia Conference, Launceston Tasmania.


The Hermannsburg School exhibition essay

The Hermannsburg Mission was established in 1877 at the base of Mount Hermannsburg,125km west of Alice Springs, NT.